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Mailing address:
279 Confederate Circle
Murphy, NC 28906
New Digs for Dogs..
A Canine Placement Agency
 Murphy, NC

 Who we are and what we do

New Digs for Dogs is an all breed rescue....a Canine Placement Agency located in Murphy, NC.
We help homeless stray dogs to find their way! At one time, they had someone to love them and
sometimes they lived with someone who did not love them....but we love them all and we are dedicated to placing them where they will thrive.
New Digs for Dogs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Our agency has over 50 years of combined experience volunteering with rescues and shelters and we have excellent resources for helping dogs to find their best home yet and their last home -- forever!  There is no better reward than a dog meeting his new family for the first time and knowing he has at last found a real home.  When we receive pictures of him months later with a contented face or having fun...that's motivation to keep doing what we love...we're selfish that way!
Read some reviews from our satisfied clients:
  1. Miss Daisi
    Miss Daisi
    Ok! My parents had to give me up because of a job in Ireland. But my parents now are super ! I'm a good traveler and chewer of toys, superb snuggler. I can do lots of stuff because I'm cute! - see?
  2. Miko
    I lived at a breeder's house and was very timid and neglected. Now, I have a great loving home with other small dogs.We just have fun. I love my Dad mucho!
  3. Rocky
    I was a stray and some nice people kept me safe and gave me love until I found a great forever home. I took a trip to Great Dog in MA. I had a home before I left and I love my family They think I'm special and I am - just look at me!
  4. Milly
    My family moved & left me behind. I guess it's because I had a huge tumor. After my surgery and I got healthy, my Mom adopted me. She said she would never move without me. We love each other to pieces!