13 Best Pet Birds for Beginners

I have some personal experience about best pet birds for beginners that like to cuddle and tame. If you want to adopt a pet bird and short of experience so we suggest you here some types of birds for pets. I think birds as a pet is a perfect idea among lots of pets because they require very short place and budget.

What is the best pet bird for a beginner?

There are 7 Small best birds for first time owners;

  1. Cocktail
  2. Finches
  3. Budgerigars
  4. Love Birds
  5. Domestic Canary
  6. Blue headed Parrot
  7. Amazon Parrot

Cocktail Parrots (best pet bird that talk)

Cocktail is one the most popular small parrot comes in Cockatoo family and also known as nick names quarrion and Weiro Bird. These small parrots are easy to breed and rearing.           Cocktails are very cuddly and whistle louder – ideal for apartments and short homes. They are very affectionate and gentle best birds for families. Cocktail lifespan is 8 to 15 years approximately.

Can cockatiels talk?

Yes! Cocktail can talk few words like Hy, Sweet Bird or I am a parrot etc. the talking capability of this bird is a low as compared to other Amazon parrot, Indian ringneck, and African Grey etc. 

Cocktail Colors

Cocktail comes in different eye catching colors like white face, yellow, silver, pied, lutino, Grey, and Pearl etc. Yellow face and Fallow Cocktails are very common among Cocktail varieties.

What is Cocktail price?

Cocktail parrot price is generally asking in the range of 40$ to 220$ by commercial breeders.

  1. Lutino Cocktail (130$ t o 250$)
  2. Pearl Cocktail (120$ to 200$)
  3. Pied Cocktail (100$ to 170$)
  4. Cinnamon Cocktail ( 120$ to 160$)


Finches are most popular small pet for bird beginners. They Finches are famous as buddy pets as a result of their lovely sounds and social collaborations with their group mates, and, on account of the Gouldian finch, their astonishing shading. They are for the most part hands-off pet birds; rather liking to be with other of their sort.

Are finches good pets?

These small pet birds are very easy to rearing. Finches can be survive in colony and separate in cages very well. Some types of pet finches are most common in our round above such as Strawberry finches, zebra finches, Gouldian Finch, Owl finches, society finches and spice finches etc. finches lifespan is better – survive almost 10 to 15 years in captivity.

Finches Price

Society’s finches and Zebra Finches are by and large in the £5-30 value range, with a portion of the more surprising species bringing up to £200. For a standard Canary prices start at £10, with anything up to £200 for a rare variety.

Budgerigars or Shell Parakeets

The world is most common bird as a pet is Budgerigar and often known as nick names like budgie parakeet, shell parakeet and common parakeets etc.  they are very inexpensive pets and most affectionate – excellence in guide achiever and very easy in tamed. Budgerigars are good as pet in home with kids and other pets.  The lifespan of budgies is around 5 to 7 years while they can survive too in captivity as compared to wild life.

They are known as good domestic birds. Budgies are serve different types of foods like various seeds, grass, vegetables, berries and crops etc. we can provide different budgies food in captivity with mix seeds, seed sprouts, fruits, egg bread and vegetables.

What is budgerigar cost?

The price of budgies is matter on types of budgie’s bloodline like under exhibition budgies, exhibition budgies, crust English budgies and show line exhibition budgies etc.  The normal cost of budgerigar is start from 10$ to 35$ approximately. Some Show line exhibition budgies price range is start from 100$ to 500$.

Love Birds as a small pets

Another most popular small pet bird is Lovebird which belongs to genus Agapornis. The appearance of these small pets is short dull tail, and a moderately huge, sharp bill, portrayed by a stocky form. The normal wild lovebirds are for the most part green with an assortment of tones on their chest area, contingent upon the species. The dark cheeked lovebird, Fischer’s lovebird, and the veiled lovebird have a conspicuous white ring around their eyes. Many shading freak assortments have been delivered by specific rearing of the species that are famous in viticulture society. The lifespan of lovebird is 8 to 12 years.

Are Lovebirds good pets?

Lovebirds are ideal choice for them who want to small cuddly pet birds. These small parrots are cuddly birds for beginners. Lovebirds are easiest birds to take care of at home – make wonderful pets.

What is Lovebirds Price?

The cost of lovebirds is starts from 30$ to 1500$. It is confirm that some of Lovebirds varieties’ price goes up from $1500! The more costly the bird is, the more uncommon it is or the more prepared and prepared to associate it is the point at which it returns home with their new persons.

Domestic Canary

Oh! My favorite small pet bird is canary. Canaries are known by their most eye catching colors, Singing voice and playful nature. A lot of types of canaries are listed below so enjoy one of them pet bird for kids and elders.

canary finch

Are canaries good pets?

Yes you can hire canaries for your home and apartments. They are not perfect for hand tame but they can happy alone in cage and can attract anyone due to its most fabulous colors and beautiful voice. So we recommend to you get experience by adopting a Canary bird. They can survive 6 to 9 years in captivity.

What is cost of canary?

The yellow common canary price is start from 100$ to 300 $. The price of canaries is depends on area and quality of bird. So you can know canary price in your local area by checking online.

Blue Headed Parrot

What parrots have a blue head? Blue headed pionus or Blue headed parrots are medium sized louder birds – like to play kids or pet toys. Their body color is mostly green with purple headed neck and red under tail coverts.

How much does a blue-headed parrot cost?

Blue Headed Parrot price is depending upon the parrot’s feather and bloodline quality. So, the common price of Blue Headed parrot range is 800$ to 1500$ approximately. While the baby cost of Blue Headed parrot is starts from 500$ to 100$.

Are Blue Headed Parakeets good pets?

Pionus parrot is an ideal pet as easiest bird for beginners. This easy pet can survive in short places as apartments and houses. Blue Headed neck parrots play most attractive role when you display your loyal pet’s small cage in your TV launch.

Amazon Parrot

The American native medium size Amazon Parrot – short tail with reddish under covers of wings.  Amazon Parrot has more than 30 species with different colors such as Green, Red, Blue, lilac, purple and Yellow. Amazon Parrot lifespan or life average is around 30 to 65 years.

Are Amazon parrots good for beginners?

Honestly Amazon parrots are best pet for beginners. They can survive in captivity as long as far human’s lifespan.  So it means that Amazon Parrot tame and talk very well due to too much life expectancy.  If you want to adopt Amazon parrot as a pet so we suggesting here you are going to towards the best choice.

Can Amazon parrots talk?

Amazon Parrot only the bird that talks long speech. A lot of people searching that are Amazon parrots friendly? Yes! They tamed very well and like to get owner’s attention. Amazon parrot talk very well in long phrases.

What is the easiest bird for begpinners?

What pet bird is the easiest to tame?

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