Anatolian Shepherd vs Kangal Comparison

Is Anatolian Shepherd vs Kangal Shepherd dog breed one breed? This concept is a trend some time among people. Here we’ll post all about Kangal Shepherd vs Anatolian Shepherd. The Kangal, one of the guard dogs used by the Turkish nomads for their livestock protection, is a large dog, weighing in at 100-200 lbs. They are intelligent and highly motivated. This combination sounds great, and is if you are looking for a Livestock Guardian dog. However, it does mean that they might choose to take on a job you don’t approve of, such as killing or attacking any living thing within their boundaries. They may be up to 100 yards away from your home and the people and things they protect.

It is not a good idea to correct them using physical force. Anatolian Shepherd dog breed decide to use violence against you, and that could be the end of your career. Positive training is the best for them. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the knowledge or determination to use these positive methods. Consider how many pets are untrained and ill-mannered nuisances. They are loved by their families but pose a danger to everyone around them if they were large enough to cause serious damage.

Anatolian Shepherd dog Adoption

After carefully socializing and training them, you can get a Kangal or another LGD. You’ll end up with a dog that is not well-trained and socialized.

There are exceptions to every breed. If you’re lucky enough to find the right dog, and raise him right, they will be great pets. However, they won’t become fully mature until around 2 years of age.

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Puppies

Turkish Anatolian Shepherd Dog photo

Is a Kangal the same as a shepherd?

What is a difference between Kangal and Anatolian Shepherd? Actually according to the AKC institute both of the Anatolian Shepherd and Kangal are same dog breed and the breed standard was updated. However, the UKC does not.

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