13 Best Pet Birds for Beginners

English Budgerigar

I have some personal experience about best pet birds for beginners that like to cuddle and tame. If you want to adopt a pet bird and short of experience so we suggest you here some types of birds for pets. I think birds as a pet is a perfect idea …

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How Much Chocolate Can Hurt a Dog

how much chocolate can kill a dog

Is chocolate bad for dogs? Why is chocolate bad for dogs? Absolutely chocolate is toxic for dogs’ health.  We almost all like to eat Chocolate but it can kill your puppy when swallow it. Why chocolate kill a dog? Because it is contain on methylxanthines (none metabolize for dogs) – …

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Anatolian Shepherd vs Kangal Comparison

Anatolian Shepherd dog

Is Anatolian Shepherd vs Kangal Shepherd dog breed one breed? This concept is a trend some time among people. Here we’ll post all about Kangal Shepherd vs Anatolian Shepherd. The Kangal, one of the guard dogs used by the Turkish nomads for their livestock protection, is a large dog, weighing …

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Short Tail Opossum Tracks Pictures, Baby

Opossum Babies

What is opossum? Opossum is also popular with Possum name, is a species which has Mammalia class – Opossums were originally from South America. They arrived in North America via the Great American Interchange, which was established after the continents were connected. They are also familiar with Virginia Opossum only …

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East Valley Animal Shelter – Adopt a Pet

Find a pet from east vally

East valley Animal Shelter is an organization which has 6 shelters located throughout the Los Angeles USA. Offer shelter for lost animals until they are reunited with their owners. They also help stray pets to find new homes – offer spay/neuter for free to low-income LA City residents, as well …

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Plano Animal Shelter – Help – Foster, Lost & Found

Find a pet from Plano

Plano’s Premier No-Kill Animal Shelter has been in operation since 2006. Plano Animal Shelter – mission is rescue and rehabilitation of at-risk dogs and cats from municipal shelters. We provide them with the necessary medical care, food, and shelter. Plano Animal Shelter Take action innocently with our pets, attention and …

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12 Best Small or Nano Terrarium pets for short home Place

Emperor Scorpion

Emperor ScorpionFire Belly NewtPraying MantisDwarf TarantulaToads & FrogsLeopard Geckos reptilesSmall Snacks for TerrariumEye-catching ChameleonCrayfishAxolotlsMonitor Lizards Emperor Scorpion The Emperor scorpions are the ideal pets for home terrarium can survive in 8 to 10 gallons water tank. They are very interesting to observe. You can house them alone or in groups. However, …

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