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A big platform is offering to adopt a lovely pet or buddy for your family such as dogs’ puppies, cats, fluffy innocent animals and more.

How Much Chocolate Can Hurt a Dog

how much chocolate can kill a dog

Is chocolate bad for dogs? Why is chocolate bad for dogs? Absolutely chocolate is toxic for dogs’ health.  We almost all like to eat Chocolate but it can kill your puppy when swallow it. Why chocolate kill a dog? Because it is contain on methylxanthines (none metabolize for dogs) – …

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East Valley Animal Shelter – Adopt a Pet

Find a pet from east vally

East valley Animal Shelter is an organization which has 6 shelters located throughout the Los Angeles USA. Offer shelter for lost animals until they are reunited with their owners. They also help stray pets to find new homes – offer spay/neuter for free to low-income LA City residents, as well …

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Plano Animal Shelter – Help – Foster, Lost & Found

Find a pet from Plano

Plano’s Premier No-Kill Animal Shelter has been in operation since 2006. Plano Animal Shelter – mission is rescue and rehabilitation of at-risk dogs and cats from municipal shelters. We provide them with the necessary medical care, food, and shelter. Plano Animal Shelter Take action innocently with our pets, attention and …

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