Types of Pets

New Digs for Dogs is providing all types of pets such as dog, cat, puppy, guinea pig, birds, hamsters, fish, rabbits and parrots etc.

13 Best Pet Birds for Beginners

English Budgerigar

I have some personal experience about best pet birds for beginners that like to cuddle and tame. If you want to adopt a pet bird and short of experience so we suggest you here some types of birds for pets. I think birds as a pet is a perfect idea …

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12 Best Small or Nano Terrarium pets for short home Place

Emperor Scorpion

Emperor ScorpionFire Belly NewtPraying MantisDwarf TarantulaToads & FrogsLeopard Geckos reptilesSmall Snacks for TerrariumEye-catching ChameleonCrayfishAxolotlsMonitor Lizards Emperor Scorpion The Emperor scorpions are the ideal pets for home terrarium can survive in 8 to 10 gallons water tank. They are very interesting to observe. You can house them alone or in groups. However, …

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