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East valley Animal Shelter is an organization which has 6 shelters located throughout the Los Angeles USA. Offer shelter for lost animals until they are reunited with their owners. They also help stray pets to find new homes – offer spay/neuter for free to low-income LA City residents, as well as discount coupons to City residents, up to three dogs, three cats and three bunnies per household.

To adopt, foster, license, and microchip your pet, visit your nearest shelter.

East Valley Animal Shelters Search Page

you can search about pets like dogs, cats, and other animals.

Los Angeles Animal Shelter

How can East Valley Animal care service help you?

They organization is also help exotic animals like turtles, lizards, and alligators.

The aim of this animal shelter that does not kill and believes in the rehabilitation, socialization, and training of all animals they care for. They provide the right care and attention for all animals. This allows them to be adopted by someone who believes that second chances are possible and can heal with loving hugs and a loving environment.

East Valley Animal Phone Number and Hours Details

How I can adopt a pet from East Valley Animal Shelter?

You only need a valid government-issued photo ID to adopt an East Valley Animal Shelter pet.

To view all the available adoptable pets, you can either visit the shelter or browse the online catalog.

Talk to the animal care staff about your choice of candidate for your next Instagram model, pillow friend, or early morning alarm clock.

Your furry friend is almost home and you are ready to take them home. You’re almost ready to go home with your furry friend. But first, make sure you visit the shelter’s vet for a quick check-up. Now it’s time for toys at the local pet shop!

East Valley Animal Shelter uses a silent auction process when multiple potential adopters are interested. This follows a fair and competitive standard as set out by the Los Angeles Municipal Code.

The animal you are interested in must be spayed or neutered if they have not been spayed / neutered. They will be available for you to pick up in the afternoon.

LAAS Animal Shelters accept cash, check, and credit cards. The name on the credit card must match that on the photo identification.

What are the Adoption fees or charges in East Animal Valley for adopting pets?

There are some charges which may be apply in hiring pets – you can also see perfect free of adopting animals by clicks below! 


Kittens (up to 4 months): charges not apply

Cats (4+ months): charges not apply

Other Animals

Rabbits: $71

Small critters: $17


Puppies (up to 4 months): $150

Dogs (4+ months): $122

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