Lizard fish – Can you Eat, Amazing Facts

What is lizard fish called?

The cutest Lizard Fish is also known with scientific name as Synodontidae and often “grinners”. This type of fish looks like a lizard – can be found in subtropical and tropical marine waters around the globe. They considered being the benthic (bottom-dwelling) Bony marine as well as estuarine fishes.

Lizard fishes have various types and colors in worldwide. So they are often known with the name of Bombay Ducks and Sauries. These exotic lizard fishes are typically small, though the largest species can be measured at around 60 centimeters (24 in) in length. Lizard fish have cylindrical bodies and heads that look a bit like the heads similar to those of Lizards. Synodontidae Dorsal fin is appeared on the rear’s middle with a small Adipose Fin that is located near the tail. Lizard fishes are also popular due to sharp teeth at least a sharp spot on the tongue. Lizard fish has been listed as world record as 2 pounds.

How many types of Lizardfish?

Is lizard fish a true fish? Yes! Lizard fishes are most cute and amazing marine species – have a different colors and patterns. So we have posted some types of Lizardfish such as:

Inshore Lizard Fish

Inshore lizard fishes are considered deep sea lizard fish – found in Bermuda, New Jersey, Gulf of Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Bahamas etc. the inshore lizard fish shape is elongated same as Cigar – length has been discovered 45 to 50 cm with pointed and large mouth. The lifespan of Inshore Lizard fish is around 8 years. The diet of these marine species are included crabs, cephalopods and shrimp etc. inshore lizard fish comes in variety of mix colors brown to olive with whitest to the yellowiest under bottom side – diamond shape patches at the skin. Lizard fish patches can vary in size and frequency but they tend to fade as the growth of the fish and are usually located at the mid lateral line of the fish.

Bombay duck

Bombay duck is a variety of lizard fish – known with the nick names like Bummalo, Bombil, Bombay duck, and Boomla etc. they are also popular with “Strange Fish” because of its irregular distribution across in the Indian coast. They are found in tropical regions in the Indian sea and typically taken from the water of Maharashtra, Gujarat in the Lakshadweep Sea, which is an essential component of the annual catch. Bombay fish can also be found by fishermen in the Bay of Bengal as well as within the South China Sea with little bit of quantity.


Synodontidae or common sand diver is a type of lizard fish – comprise benthic meaning they are found close to the seabed. It is common lizard fish in West Indies. The distribution spans across the northwestern Gulf of Mexico south to the Guianas as well as the western Atlantic north up to north Carolina and Bermuda etc. Synodus distinguished by different markings, like a black spot at the shoulder’s girdle. Horizontal bars that are reddish-brown along the back as well as thin yellow-gold stripes horizontal lines that extends through the gill flap, or operculum towards the bottom of the tail, or the caudal fin.

Atlantic Lizard-Fish

The Atlantic lizard fish is a native of subtropical climate in eastern Atlantic – can be located in marine habitats with a general demersal around 400m.

This lizard fish is kept hidden and hidden by digging within the sand. When it’s buried within the sand the species shows its eyes so that it can observe its prey and attack whenever food is available. Atlantic lizard fish can found in Eastern Atlantic, Morocco, Western Atlantic, Bermuda, Cape Verde, Azores, Bahamas, Lesser Antilles, and the Leeward Islands Mediterranean.


Saurida undosquamis lizardfish is also popular with the names of large scale grinner, brush tooth lizard fish and large-scale saury etc.  Lizard fish Saurida is commonly found in Eastern Indian Ocean, northern Java, Arafura Sea, Malay Peninsula, southern Philippines, Louisiade Archipelago, and northern Australia.

California Lizard Fish

The California lizard fish is a native of California. They can be an oviparous species which means they can spawn during spring and summer. Lizard fish California appears as a long brown body that offers the illusion of camouflage within its environment which is the sand sea bottom. They are surviving on squid and small fishes from the deep sea.

You may be confused to make a difference between California Lizardfish and its cousin the Barracuda due to its sharp teeth and greater bodies.

Greater Lizard Fish is also considering as lizard fish max size in worldwide – minor fishery, found in Indo-pacific. Greater Lizard fish don’t seem to be present in the eastern or central Pacific. They are also found in east coast of Africa and Red Sea including Arabian Sea, Madagascar, Australia and Central Asia.

Greater Lizardfish

 Lizard Fish Facts you should know

There are different facts about lizard fish enjoy below!

Where do lizard fish live?

Lizard fish market is always hot in different countries like Thailand, India and Malaysia.  It is considered that Lizard fishes are found in shallow waters – muddy and sandy locations and can be found partially buried at the bottom. Lizard fish predators have carnivores and feed on fish and hold the fish with their numerous sharp teeth.

Is lizard fish halal?

It is generally accepted that the lizards and snakes whose blood does not ooze when cut are considered to be haram. Actually lizards are considered haram in Islam religion. Muslims are dreaming about Lizard Falling have interpretations in the dream.  In general, if a lizard is found on someone, it’s believed to be unlucky, and is a negative sign.

Are lizard fish good to eat?

Are lizard fish edible? The Lizard fish has a dietary value it has also been documented to taste quite good however, it isn’t often consumed. Lizard fish is not able to be kept in aquariums or trade for commercial use. While the diamond lizardfish can be caught using artisanal gear that is that is used by humans.

These amazing fishes are one of the massive, gnarly monsters that steal bait. They’re ugly, have sharp teeth and, at times, it’s like they will not let you go. The fish is delicious and are easy to clean. Lizard fish cooking is easy as well. These horror fishes are virtually identical from trout when it comes to flavor and texture.

Lizard Fish chips

Some people like to eat lizard fish with chips at the tour of beach or lizard fish restaurants. They are search online as lizardfish and chips. Lots of fish brokers are selling Chinese lizard fish at at whole sale rate. You can also search online about lizard fish china etc.c

Lizard fish recipe 

Is lizard fish good bait?

Lizard fish like inshore lizard fishes are considered good as bait for catching larger fish, such as halibut. Due to its nutritional value they don’t recommended as it is a bone-scarred fish.

What eat lizard fish?

Lizard fish eat different types of small fishes and invertebrates from marine water. They also attack on various sea insects. Lizardfish Florida bay is so cute and amazing hub of multi colors. Some people like to see lizard fish Texas.

 How much quantity of Lizard fishes in the world?

It is considered that 67 varieties of bottom-living predators that are distributed across the entire range of coasts from that stretch from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic. – Although not confirm that how much they have – almost 57 discovered.

Can you keep lizard fish?

Lizard fish are not suitable for hand tame and as a pet. Lizard fish pet is amazing discuss but here we suggest that you can adopt them under aquarium water.

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