Lynne Wilson

On February 2, 2015, New Digs for Dogs lost a wonderful advocate for animals and a beloved friend.  She died unexpectedly in her sleep with her newest adopted rescue dog, Odie, at her side.  She has left a legacy of how to do rescue …. with your heart and with dedication.   

Lynne had 10 years of rescue experience in Cherokee County, NC and had a reputation for her honesty and integrity in dealing with the public.  She was instrumental in helping over 1000 dogs over the past 4 years and was a founding member of our rescue. 

She left her friends with heavy hearts to go forward, however, we can’t and won’t stop to help the dogs in our community to find loving homes.  And we will continue to do it Lynne’s way! As Lynne use to say, “integrity is everything” and “what is best for the dogs comes first.”

That’s the way we started and that’s the way we’ll stay…and we know her spirit is with us each time we help a new dog.(Lynne with her sweet angel Little Man)