New Digs for Dogs    A Canine Placement Agency
Murphy. NC
828-837-0521  or  828-644-9747  
when a dog needs a perfect home we try to help him get healthy and then make the last journey to a loving family.
   Owner Surrendered Dogs
New Digs for Dogs is happy to work with owners who must relinquish their dogs due to circumstances. We do require your canine to be current on vaccines and spayed or neutered. Although donations are always great, we do not require a fee. 

We ask a finder to make sure the dog is not microchipped and any vet can do this. Our local station WKRK uses their FB page to list those who are lost and you can post a picture - many dogs are found this way. We also ask the finder if they are willing to keep the dog (foster) until we can locate a new home. We provide the food and vet care.

          Finding the perfect home
I t takes time to find a forever home. We post our dogs online with many websites - RescueMe, Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet and Allpaws to name a few. We also post most dogs with our friends at Great Dog of New England. If a family in the North wants to adopt the owner/foster will talk with the interested people and see if this might be a good fit. If adoption goes through our dog is transported from Knoxville, TN to Andover, Massachusetts.  

 TJ is receiving a thorough exam from Dr.James McClearen prior to his journey to his new home in New England. He must have an A-OK health certificate in order to get on the "bus". TJ is anxious to meet his new kids!