Plano Animal Shelter – Help – Foster, Lost & Found

Plano’s Premier No-Kill Animal Shelter has been in operation since 2006.

Plano Animal Shelter – mission is rescue and rehabilitation of at-risk dogs and cats from municipal shelters. We provide them with the necessary medical care, food, and shelter. Plano Animal Shelter Take action innocently with our pets, attention and care they need until they are adopted into their forever homes.

City of Plano Animal Shelters adoption

You can adopt most beautiful and innocent different types of pets which are waiting for you at the City of Plano Animal Shelter. These animals were either surrendered to us by their owners or became the property of the city because they were not claimed by their owners after the holding period.

How many types of pets are available at Plano Shelter?

  1. Cats
  2. Dogs
  3. Rabbits
  4. Birds
  5. Ferrets

Plano Animal Shelter is holding the pets in different colors, size and varieties. Any animal’s availability is subject to change at any time.

Write down any information you find about an animal that you feel would be a good addition to your home. ID Please calls 972-769-4360 or come to the shelter. The shelter will then let you know if the animal remains available for adoption, or if it has been adopted.

How you can adopt pets from Plano Animal Shelter?

Plano Animal shelters adoptable pets?

Adoption fees for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens are maximum $80 many animals are listed as VIPs, and their adoption fees are just $40 sometimes, special adoption fees may be available at the shelter. These are the services that adoption fees cover:

  • Tags and collar
  • Initial set of vaccines (including Rabies)
  • If your dog is over six months old, heartworm testing can be done.
  • If the dog is positive for heartworm, you can treat it with heartworm treatment
  • Registration and implantation of microchips
  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Other goodies

If you wanted to adopt a pet for free from another place, these services can easily run into the thousands at a private clinic. You can save money and save a life by adopting from Plano Animal Shelter.

How much hours City of Plano Animal Shelter?

City of Plano Animal Shelters Hours periods are starts:


Plano Animal Shelters lost and found information

We have another links for providing information from Real Website so enjoy!

Have you lost a pet?

Have you found a pet?

Plano Animal Shelters Cats and Dogs in Euthanasia

Owners may choose to have their animal humanely killed if they feel that the animal is experiencing a significant decline in quality of life. This may not be an easy decision, but this website may help you.

Plano Animal Shelter

All euthanasia is performed by trained staff and the remains of the animal are cremated. Residents are asked to bring their pet into the shelter. However, special arrangements can be made for seniors and/or disabled residents. If this service is required, a $20 additional pick-up fee may be applied.

Pets that have passed away

You can drop off your pet at any time during the regular hours. If the owner is unable to deliver the animal to the shelter, an officer will be dispatched to collect the pet.

Here are some things you should know

A $20 fee is charged to have your pet cremated at the shelter. The $25 euthanasia fee includes the cremation.

Private cremations cannot be offered, and remains cannot be returned to their owners.

Animal Services provides a list of local companies that offer private cremation. Please make arrangements for the company to pick up the remains of the animal that is being euthanized at our shelter before bringing it in for execution. We need to know that the company will pick up the remains of the pet when they are brought in for euthanasia.

Wildlife that has been lost          

All wildlife that has died within the City limits is free of charge. Call the shelter at 972-769-4360 to request service. An officer will dispatch an officer to your home or the location of the animal.

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