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What is opossum?

Opossum is also popular with Possum name, is a species which has Mammalia class – Opossums were originally from South America. They arrived in North America via the Great American Interchange, which was established after the continents were connected. They are also familiar with Virginia Opossum only marsupials prevail in Canada and USA.  

Opossums are successful colonizers and survivors due to their unspecialized biology, flexible diet and reproductive habits. They can adapt to different environments and circumstances because of their versatility.

They are tend to be independent and nomadic and will only stay in one place as long as food, water and shelter are available. Many families will form groups in pre-made burrows, or under houses. They will temporarily live in abandoned burrows but they don’t dig or make much effort to build their own. They prefer dark, secure areas because they are nocturnal.

What is so bad about opossum?

Are opossums dangerous pets?  Mostly people are searching that, can Opossum hurt you?  Are possums aggressive? Opossums are usually considered minor nuisances. However, Opossum scary can become a problem when they nest in residential or commercial areas. Opossums can cause damage to gardens, chicken coops, homes, and other areas that are reserved for pets by rummaging for food. The creatures growl and hiss when they are directly contacted.

They can occasionally attack humans or pets with their pointed, sharp teeth. However, these attacks are very rare and unlikely. When scared, the pests will pretend to be dead and release an unpleasant stench from their anal gills.

Actually this species can inflict injury on pets and humans by their pointed, sharp teeth.  However, they are very rare and unlikely to cause harm. When scared, the pests will pretend to be dead and release an unpleasant stench from their anal gills.

Because they can transmit diseases to people and pets, opossums are dangerous. The pesky creatures can carry diseases such as leptospirosis and tuberculosis.

They can also be used as hosts for fleas and ticks. This puts cats and dogs at risk. Horse owners should be aware that opossums can carry the protozoan Sarcocystis nirvana. This can cause neurologic diseases in horses.

When do possums have their babies?

Virginia opossums can breed as early as December, and go on through October. Most babies are born between February and June. One litter per year may be produced by a female opossum. The male opossum makes clicking sounds with his lips to attract the female during mating season.

Female opossums are spontaneous ovulates with an approximately 28-day estrous cycle. Estrus lasts for only 36 hours. This is when mating can take place. The sperm that has been paired in the male’s reproductive tract will pass through the lateral canals to become separated in the females. Fertilization occurs when fertilized eggs are moved from the oviducts into the uteri, where they will remain for a brief time before being delivered via the medial vagina.

What does opossum prints look like?

Possum tracks can be easily identified as each foot has five feet and the rear tracks look like an infant child’s. Each hind foot’s inner toe is opposite and looks similar to a human thumb. The width of the front prints is approximately two inches, while those on the back are slightly larger. These prints are common in snow and mud, and often come with drag marks from opossums’ tails.

Opossum tracks on snow

What kind of tail does a possum have?

While some opossum species have prehensile tails it is more common for juveniles to dangle by their tails. A possum’s tail can also be used as a brace or fifth limb for climbing. Sometimes, the tail can be used to hold bundles of leaves or other bedding materials.

These appendages can be used to carry grass and leaves , or grip the sides of trees to give extra stability when climbing. Baby possums are often shown hanging upside-down from trees with their tails. It’s a myth, however, that possums can sleep in this manner. Their tails are not strong enough to keep them upright for long periods of time.

Possum Skeleton

What does an opossum eat?

Opossums are amazing wild item which consume dead animals, rodents, birds, and insects. Opossums also eat eggs, frogs and plants. Opossums require high levels of calcium, according to one source. They eat the bones of rodents and road killed animals in order to meet this need. They also eat human food waste, dog food, and cat food.

Large opossums (Didelphini), are often preyed upon by pit vipers (Crotalinae) that are immune to the venom from rattlesnakes. This is a unique adaptation that the Didelphini have, since their closest relative, the brown four eyed opossum, is not immune from snake venom. Similar adaptations can be seen in small predatory mammals like hedgehogs and mongooses.

It has been suggested that didelphin opossums, crotaline vipers and other small predatory mammals are part of an evolutionary arm race. This adaptation may have originated as a defense mechanism. It allows for a rare reverse of an evolutionary arms race in which the prey becomes the predator. Others suggest that it is a predatory adaptation because it occurs in other predatory mammals. One of the most dangerous snakes in New World, the fer-de–lance, may have evolved its powerful venom to defend against large opossums.

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