Best 5 Cutest Small Types of Pet Monkeys for Beginners

A lot of types of pet monkeys are there but whenever you’ll want to adopt any of them so different factors come in mind like cheapest monkey breed, small types of pet monkeys, as well as is it legal to have a pet monkey?. Everybody has different choice in pets so it is depends on yourself which monkey breed like to adopt as a pet.

We have mentioned below some most common and ideal pet monkey breeds that which Monkeys you can have as pets. You’ve seen a lot of monkey shows and movies look like so funny but the reality to keeping monkeys as a pet is very hard.

finger monkey

Do you know that? Different types of monkeys for pets require a huge amount of space and care. Some of them may become violent or hyper after several years of peaceful coexistence.

What are the 5 easiest monkeys to have as a pet?

There are some of the cutest small monkey (best pet monkey for beginners) species that you can adopt for home as a pet. But you keep in mind monkeys are difficult to care and friendly buddy.

1.     Capuchin or white face monkey

Do capuchin monkeys make good pets? These Capuchin or white face monkeys are cutest and intelligent, you have been seen in movies and TV shows. They are smaller as compared to chimpanzee and therefore they are easy to care and ideal for beginners.

How much does a capuchin monkey cost? my dear guy if you want to adopt capuchin monkeys as a pet so good news is that their babies have been remove from the moms soon and offer for a sale by the breeders. Capuchin monkey price range is starts from $5oo to $800 approximately.

How smart are capuchin monkeys? They are most loyal and attentive monkeys and also popular due to their capacity to create and utilize tools as well as open and break nuts etc.

Are capuchin monkeys aggressive? Capuchin monkeys are so quicker as well as wild and complex – might be too aggressive therefore some welfare organizations advise people to not keep them as buddy to home.

2.     Marmosets/Sagoin or Zaris

Are marmosets good pets? Actually guys Marmosets monkeys are not easy to keep as pet but you can try them. They are usually used in studies on human aging and diseases due to their bodies being similar to human bodies Marmoset monkey need an extremely specific diet and exposure to ultraviolet light in order to remain healthy.

Is it illegal to own a marmoset monkey? Yes! Marmosets are not allowed to keeping a pet at in California. These primates are only allowing for specific purpose like movie shooting, medical research as well as training etc.

Are marmosets aggressive? Definitely Marmosets are so complex and aggressive primate species – can only survive in specific conditions and natural environments.

What is marmosets’ price? In some of the states this type of monkey could be permitted to live as a pet of the home. Wild monkeys are omnivores. Marmoset babies or finger monkey price range starts from $1200 to $3500.

  •  Macaque ( ‎Barbary macaque)

Are macaque monkey’s good pets? Actually the primate species are very hard to keep a pet; some are pretty sweet for a short time.  However, the truth is that monkeys are capable of doing much harm and require plenty of care and attention to be successful within a human family.

Do macaque monkeys stink? According to the official report some primate can’t be successfully toilet educated. Furthermore, while trying to learn how to toilet train it is common for them to spit out their urine as well as play around with urine. Due to this, pets must wear diapers for the rest of their lives.

Are macaques intelligent? Macaques are identifying due to their long pooches on their cheeks where they store additional diet. They are known as best monkeys for pets. This primate species survive all of the day on ground and climb on tress at evening. Macaques are considered to be extremely smart and are commonly utilized in medical research to conduct experiments.

What is Macaques Cost? Macaques monkeys cost begin from $3000 to $7000. The price of macaques is also matter on gender and age.

  • Squirrel Monkey

Is a squirrel monkey a good pet? This type of primate species is resided in forest of tropical and South America and Central in the canopy layer. They are known with close-cropped fur that is with black shoulders with orange or yellow fur around the back and the extremities, as well as facial whiteness. Squirrel monkeys are found in areas with high temperatures and high humidity, which makes it vital for them to keep their proper regulation of osmoregulation when conditions exceed certain thresholds for thresh-holds.

Why is it called a squirrel monkey? This primate species is arboreal which means they survive their 80% lifetime moving on trees and forest’s green canes. Squirrel monkeys have got their name due to this type of attitude. Squirrel monkeys’ body is often small swift and agile, so it’s likely that they’re named after squirrels.

What is squirrel monkey cost? I think you should be research online in your area or country because they price might be change due to the country and squirrel monkey’s quality. Squirrel monkey cost is around $2500 to $3500 approximately. You should be contact with reputable breeder who sells captive-bred primate and does NOT offer animals for sale in the illegal trade.

  • Tamarin Monkey

Are tamarin monkeys’ good pets? Tamarin monkey is highly intelligent and very comfortable when they are loved and looked after. Same as other primate Tamarin Monkeys aren’t pets to be handled with a light touch. These wild monkeys need more dedication and more commitment than the typical pet.

types of pet monkeys

What type of monkey is the friendliest?

The fact that primates are rear by people isn’t going to change its wildness. The actually the deprivation of an animal of the normal social interactions with other primates could cause disorders of neuroses and attitude.

How many small types of pet monkeys?


We have mentioned here some most cute and small types of pet monkeys. You can try one of them to keeping a monkey as a pet. There are some other types of monkeys you can own to adopt as a pet including Guenon, Spider Monkey and Chimpanzee etc.

How Long Can monkeys live?

A lot of primate species have a different life expectancy such as:

  • Capuchin 20 to 25 years
  • Marmosets 10 to 13 years
  • Spider Monkey Life expectancy 22 to 25 years
  • Chimpanzee lifespan 40 in wild and 58 in captivity
  • Macaque Monkey Life average 27
  • Guenon Monkey 25 to 30 years

What is the cheapest type of pet monkey?

The price range of Tamarins, Lemurs and Marmosets is varying almost $1300 to $3000, while Baboons normally ask around $4000. Spider monkey price might be in your budget almost $5000.

Is it legal to have a pet monkey?

Monkeys are banned to own in almost 20 states of America such as

  • Massachusetts,
  • Minnesota,
  • Maryland
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • New Hampshire,
  • New York,
  • Georgia,
  • Pennsylvania,
  • California, ,
  • Connecticut,
  • Vermont,
  • Wyoming.
  • Kentucky,
  • Rhode Island, New Mexico
  • Louisiana
  • Maine,
  • New Jersey,

Types of finger monkeys

Small monkey breeds

How do I adopt a pet monkey?

Can I buy a little monkey? Dear viewers you can adopt or sell small pet monkey breeds in different states but couple of them needs to hold a license such as Florida and Texas. 

Is having a pet monkey wrong?

In the conclusion all the types of monkeys as pets are not suitable for everybody due to that monkeys can do much harm and require the most time and care to be successful within a human household – so primates are not best to keeping as pets.

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