What do iguanas eat? Best Iguana Diet List

What do iguanas eat? This first question raises everyone’s mind when he thought about adopting or hiring Iguana.  Iguana is a genus that includes herbivorous lizards. It is belong to the Caribbean, Central America and South America. We have mentioned below some best food for iguanas.

iguanas eat

What do Iguanas eat in the forest?

Actually there a different types of iguanas and survive on their natural plants and trees whatever available around the wild. As you know every territory or place has different from other due to its natural environment and small plants. So if we talk that, what do green iguanas eat? They are known as American iguanas – surviving on high level of trees and collect diet from tree’s leaves, fruits and seeds. They are often surviving on the common wild plum. Dark green leafy vegetables are 70 to 80 percent of green Iguanas food ratio. These vegetables are often considered commonly best food for iguanas.

What do marine iguanas eat?

Some Marine Iguanas eat plants that found close by the shore and algae etc. Desert iguanas are live in hot environment where they find buds of various plants and dry fruits etc. they are commonly prefer the yellow flowers of the creosote shrub.

What can iguana eat?

What do you feed iguanas? Its diet can vary, so continue below to find out more about the best plants to feed your pet as well as what it would eat wild. The herbivorous lifestyle of iguanas is that they eat only plants and leaves. According to the one report that the skull of an iguana was modified to increase its bite force and facilitate processing of plants.

if you are thinking to serve iguanas  different types of insects, meat, cheese or eggs etc, so it can be harmful(kidney failure). So you should be careful and get opinion from your veterinarian before offering them.

What do iguanas eat as pets?

You can offer some fruits and vegetables will better in captivity than others. They also need to have the right nutrients by the ratio wise. Captive Iguanas are given fruits, flowers, leafy and turnip greens and shoots of vegetables. Each of these items rich in amounts of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. You can also find many dry items that are made from fruits and vegetables. These products can be used to supplement fresh food or as a whole meal.

Another option to feeding is fed soaked alfalfa pellets and prickly pear pads. While it is not clear why, iguanas prefer red and orange food. Roses, nasturtiums and carnations are great flowers; however, it is important to be aware of artificial colors and chemicals in floral arrangements.

What fruits can iguanas eat?

some iguana fanciers are love to offer different types of fruits including bananas, pears, mangoes, strawberries, apples and tomatoes etc.


Kiwi, figs, and small berries are all high in oxalates. So we want to recommend here don’t give too much. Tofu is high in protein and oxalates so it should be avoided.

Do iguanas eat watermelon?

Watermelon is safe for your iguana if it is consumed in small quantities and with no pesticides. This is why watermelon should be considered an occasional treat near to iguana fans.

Can iguanas eat Brussels sprouts?

Some of the most nutritious vegetables are so healthy such as bean sprouts, Brussels sprouts, peppers, cooked sweet potato, carrots, and Shredded parsnips etc. so give all types of beans sprouts if you buddy love it.

Can iguanas eat zucchini?

Rhino Iguanas like to prefer Zucchini and squash in their food. As we mentioned above that green vegetables are considered better diet for iguanas. Rhino Iguanas often hunt to the small animals and insects.

What do blue iguanas eat?

As other iguanas Blue Iguanas is also herbivore and eat fruits, leaves and flowers. They also survive on different types of insects, slugs and crabs etc. Blue iguanas diet also available in commercial products so you can visit the reptile pet shops.

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Do iguanas need water?

Does my iguana need water? Yes! They don’t only drink water but take bath in it – should always have access to clean water. Iguanas often absorb water by the skin, and therefore bathing and drinking activity keep help in hydrating. Every day, change the water and clean out the bowl. They will often urinate in the bowl during baths. To help your iguana stay hydrated during winter, when the air is cooler and dryer, mist it with a water sprayer several times per week.

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