Why Do Dogs Wink at you – Reasons & Winking Training

What does it mean when dogs blink at you?

Hello visitor! We know that you have arrived here to know, why my dog winks at me. Or why do dogs wink with one Eye? Actually when dog wink at you may be different reasons about this sight including happiness, indicate submission, sickness, and some time initiate human behavior etc.

Why do dogs wink? If your canine is winking or blinking too much it might be eye infection.

Dogs wink because they want attention from their owners. Dogs are smart and will make gestures such as winking to get your attention.

dogs wink

They will be more likely to smile if they like your reactions. To keep your pet happy, healthy, and active, make sure you give them lots of love.

What is dog winking a sign of?

Dogs communicate with their bodies in the same way as humans. Dogs do not consider eye contact to be polite.

Dogs stare at each other as they gaze, and the dominant dog is the one who keeps their eyes open longer.

If your dog stares at you and winks at you which are a sign they are trying to maintain peace. They know that you are the head of the home.

What are Eye Problems behind Dog Winking?

Although it is adorable when your dog winks at you sometimes, you might not be aware of the problem. You don’t have to be concerned about any of these. A professional veterinarian or Plano Animal institute can help.

There are some common eye infections about puppies:

  • Entropion(eyelid folds inward that increase the eyelid to rub under the eyes)
  • Glaucoma(excess fluid puts pressure on the eyes and due to this process  tears can make them blink)
  • Pink eye ( bacterial infection may cause this sick –  lead to dry and itchy eyes that make your dog wink the infected eye)
  • Dry eyes (Dry eyes can be caused by a lack of tears from the tear glands, which results in dry eyes. The eye problem could affect one or both of your pets’ eyes. Dry eyes can cause your pet to blink more often. You might notice excessive blinking in one or both of your dogs’ eyes.

Can you teach dogs to Wink?

If you like your dog’s behavior to wink so you can train your buddy with different ways and commands.

Dogs are loyal and will do anything to please their owners. Behavior shaping can encourage your dog to behave in a certain manner. This is a very useful concept to have in mind when training your dog. It’s easier to train your dog if you know more about shaping.

A number of steps are used to teach your dog new behaviors. It will make it easier to learn and reduce frustration.

There are three step of training which can help in dog wining training:

Differential reinforcement

This method of training is effective because it rewards the dog with reinforcement. Each time a dog displays good behavior, they are given a treat, affection, or toy. If this is successful, the trainer will be able to see that the dog continues the behavior and hopefully more often.

Be a target behavior

 Your final goal is to achieve your target behavior – in this instance, teaching your dog how to wink at people. This is the behavior you desire from your dog. You might need to first define what this behavior looks like. It is important to clearly define the behavior you want for your dog. There may be additional variables depending on the behavior you are trying to achieve.

Approximations succeeding

The approximations will be the small steps that you take to achieve your desired behavior. Instead of trying to get the dog to wink one eye in one large step, reward the dog for achieving the desired behavior. Each step brings you closer to your final goal. This training method has been met with skepticism. It is said that breaking down the behavior target into smaller steps takes less time than using one large step. It has been proven that smaller steps are actually faster because the communication with the dog is clearer.

It is important to design the steps that will lead to the desired behavior. With a good shaping plan, it should be simple for your dog’s behavior to succeed. Your dog may need additional steps depending on how complex your target behavior is.

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